A central aim of the Festival is to encourage the appreciation of music in the community and we have always had an active outreach programme which includes concerts and master-classes for local schools. However the Festival Committee has decided to broaden the programme to take music into local schools throughout the school year, not just the week of the Festival.

Thanks to the generosity of our Benefactors, the Festival is now able to offer a wide ranging Outreach Programme. In June 2019 the Winchfield Festival provided a grant to Hampshire Music Services to fund musical workshops in every one of Hart’s nineteen primary schools with the aim of ensuring that every child in Hart has a fair chance of discovering an interest in music. We intend to maintain and expand this funding stream over the long term so that every child in the Hart district is encouraged to participate in musical activities.

The Festival Outreach programme is making very good progress. So far eighteen of the nineteen schools have booked their first music workshops and several have already been delivered. Below is a photo of Luke Jones delivering the very first workshop to Elvetham Heath Primary school in September, with children experiencing ‘hands on’ a workshop with steel drums.

We have also invited Hart primary schools to come to the Winchfield Festival itself to perform the best of their work.

A second strand of the Outreach Programme is to provide a platform for Hampshire’s best Secondary School musical students to perform in St Mary’s church Winchfield. June has always been difficult for Secondary Schools to participate in the Festival, with pressure of exams and other end-of-term activities, so planning a concert for March has enabled more schools to benefit.  Talented young musicians drawn from schools across Hampshire performed "Hampshire Hub Musicians Recital" in St Mary's, including three harps and the Hampshire County Youth Orchestra String Quartet on Saturday 14th March.

Jill Larner, Head of Hampshire Music Service, said during the concert “I’d just like to say thank you so much for all the opportunities that we are being able to access in Hart. It’s an amazing partnership that we’re building up with the Winchfield Festival Outreach Team and the Education Partnership. We’re only half way through but so much has been achieved already and we are really impressed by how much working together as a great team brings cultural opportunities to all the young people across this district.”


1. The Tim Kliphuis quartet will hold a public workshop with a group of Hampshire Schools’ Jazz musicians from about 6pm in the Marquee on the opening night of Saturday 13th June.If all goes well then this group will play a number with theTim Kliphuis Quartet during the main concert. POSTPONED

2. We are delighted to announce that VOCES8 will deliver a workshop to Robert May’s Secondary School on the afternoon of Monday 15 June, before their concert in St Mary’s church in the evening.  POSTPONED

3. The Hampshire Schools’ String Quartet will play before Tasmin Little's concert on 17th June from about 6.15pm  POSTPONED

4. Get in the mood and join a free-for-all World Music Session (African Drums) in the Marquee from about 6pm, just before the concert to be given by Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita on 18th June.  POSTPONED