Tuesday 19 June - Music in Shakespeare (K’antu Ensemble) - Festival Marquee

The K’antu Ensemble, founded by Ruth Hopkins, performed a concert of lively pre-classical songs and dances featured in Shakespeare’s plays, on an array of beautiful replica instruments. The music was interspersed with speeches and sonnets by the Bard, performed by actor Darren Royston, dressed as an Elizabethan courtier, demonstrating the dances and leading the audience in the Rufty Tufty.

K’antu Ensemble lead interactive performances for children with Special Educational Needs and as part of the Festival’s Outreach Programme, they performed for a local group of people living with dementia.
Ruth Hopkins:  Soprano - Baroque Violin - Recorders 
Michelle Holloway: Alto - Recorders
Ben Mitchell: Tenor – Plucked Strings
Andrew Hopper: Bass – Viola da Gamba 
Tymoteusz Jozwiak: Bass – Percussion